In its continuous eagerness and search to reinvent itself R-Fitting Room has also developed a new line “Corporate Sustainable Masks” to offer to both public and private entities in order to help integrate sustainability, protection, generate work and stimulate the local economy under the same concept to contribute to a Circular Economy.


At R-Fitting Room, its mission is to propel the fashion manufacturing industry toward a clean, closed-loop system.

A regenerative economic model aimed at minimizing waste and maximizing resources where the “repair, reuse, recycle” approach as opposed to the linear “take, make, discard” model, and as part of this development under the motto 1 Mask. 1 World, creating therefor the “R-PLANET” collection to also help the environment based on these same parameters.


These masks are offered under 4 types

1 – Corporate Industry with logo

It can be printed in 2 different colors, white or black. Specific colors must be approved.

2 – Hotel Industry

The hotel industry has an activity of discarding their line bedsheets after a certain time. Normally their life time is determined by their policies as a hygiene or safety standard, but in most cases these sheets meet their hygiene condition and can be reused.

Like the Corporate Industry, this option can be also printed in 2 different colors, white or black. Specific colors must be approved.


3 – Tropical Theme

Made from non-woven material like surgical masks. Tropical printed fabric lined inside with 100% cotton, meets the protection requirements.

4 – Private or Public Institutions with promotional material

For Non-Profit Organizations, Restaurants, Boutiques, Sports Teams, Hospitals, Art Venues, Interior Designers, etc.. that already have their own promotional textile material with their corporate logo (as an ex. t-shirts) and can be reused for masks.

Private label

You can request your corporate sustainable masks from 500 units on.

For more information and specifications please contact us

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Corporate Tropical Mask

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